New Jersey Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys

      With over 40 years in practice as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, as a former Prosecutor, and as former Municipal Court Judge, the Attorneys of Avery & Avery, Esqs., offer the best legal defense representation in Northern New Jersey.  

Our philosphy of aggressive, compassionate, and multifaceted legal defense work has garnered wide acclaim as the firm you call when trouble comes knocking.  

We serve all our clients NJ Traffic Ticket defense needs.  This can be for anything from a parking ticket, to  Drunk Driving (DUI / DWI).  In addition, we serve all our clients Criminal Defense needs.

If you have been arrested, pulled over, or issued a summons, Call our Traffic Ticket Defense Team Immediately!

Whatever the charge, even parking tickets, can have lasting affects on your driving privileges and costs.   It is important to be in contact with a traffic ticket defense lawyer as soon as possible after being charged by a NJ police department.  Our criminal defense team has been saving our clients from prison (yes, traffic offenses can land you in jail), fines surchargespoints, insurances premium increases, and license suspensions for over 40 years.  Additionally our attorney’s have experience behind the bench as a Municipal Court Judge for 15 years, and know all the techniques to protect our clients.

For a free consultation, please call 201-943-2445, and talk to one of our NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers, now.

Police Traffic Pull Over NJ

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